Source code

The source code is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). We are happy to release the code under a license that is more (or less) permissive upon request.

Versions Released dates New features
2.1.0 Mar.2017
Symbolic flowpipes for LTI and LTV systems,
symbolic remainders for TM flowpipes,
performance improvement on the numerical computation,
improved safety checking algorithms.
2.0.0 Oct. 2015
Improvement on the numerical stability,
time-varying uncertainties in ODEs,
definition of constant parameters,
local reachability setting.
1.2.3 Dec. 2014
Fast integration scheme for linear ODEs.
1.2.0 Nov. 2013
Non-polynomial ODEs with additive uncertain inputs,
improved intersection algorithm,
fast remainder refinement algorithm,
some bugs fixed.
1.0.0 May 2013
Efficient algorithms on polynomial computation,
heuristics for efficiently selecting aggregation templates,
some bugs fixed.

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